Frozen Pork Loins,Trimmings,Tenderloins,pork intestine Carcass & all Cuts

Product Name : Frozen Pork Loins,Trimmings,Tenderloins,pork intestine Carcass & all Cuts

Product Category : Meats, wholesale, , beef, pork, chicken, hot dogs, steaks, turkey,for barbeque, ribeye, strips, chicken breasts, wings

Product Type : First class Product

Product Detail : We specialize in offering high quality Frozen Pork Meat Carcass & cuts which is hygienically processed and packaged. These are healthy and have natural taste due to absence of preservatives.We do have the following cuts for sale / Pork Trimmings,frozen pork carcass,frozen pork cuttings,frozen pork ear,frozen pork tail,frozen pork head frozen pork front & hind feet,pork loin , chain on, boneless , Pork Collar ,Pork Riblets ,Pork Spare ribs , Pork Oyster ( Bone in and Boneless) , pork MDM , Suckling Pork Riblets and bones,Frozen Whole Suckling Pigs , Suckling pork cutlet,Suckling Pork Fillets,Heads,Ear flaps and racks Frozen Suckling Pork Saddle , Suckling Pork Cheeks,Necks Frozen Suckling pork hind and fore knuckles,Suckling Pork Cuts ETC .

Price : $1200

Quantity : 100 Metric Tons

Size : 100 000 kg

Pack : Food

Temperature : Frozen

Country Of Origin : Canada

Country Now Located : Canada

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