philip cherian
Product Name : philip cherian

Quantity_available : 3700.00

Price : 5.50

Country of origin : india

Product description : Rich Rum Soaked plum fruit cake

Product Type : Immediate

Pack : Retail

juan manuel gomez
Product Name : juan manuel gomez

Quantity_available : cantidad la que se produsca en temporada

Price : precios como corren en el mercado variados en diferentes productos

Country of origin : ensenada baja california mexico

Product description : manejamos todo el producto sustentable de nuestros mares situados en baja california productos frescos como pescados crustáceos moluscos como almeja pismo pescado de primera lenguado rockot cuervina atun azul ostión langosta pulpo y otras especies en si una varia extencion de productos de mar

Product Type : Immediate

Pack : Retail| Food | Industrial

Harrison Parker
Product Name : Harrison Parker

Quantity_available : 10 containers

Price : 4

Country of origin : United Kingdom

Product description : quality energy drink specification: 250ml, country of origin: austria best quality and taste. type: energy drink shelf life: less than 18 months 32 pallets in 40 ft container / 26 pallets per 20 ft container

Product Type : Immediate

Pack : Retail| Food | Industrial

Andrea Maurizio Balistreri
Product Name : Andrea Maurizio Balistreri

Quantity_available : Unlimited

Price : 2,73 Euro

Country of origin : Italy

Product description : Gourmet Psta P.G.I.

Product Type : Immediate

Pack : Retail| Industrial

Gudni Bjornsson
Product Name : Gudni Bjornsson

Quantity_available : 100

Price : 350 $ 30 kg. (66 lbs)

Country of origin : Iceland

Product description : Stockfish Chunk

Product Type : Immediate

Pack : Retail

hibiscus flowers
Product Name : hibiscus flowers

Quantity_available : 25 ton

Price : 2000

Country of origin : Egypt

Product description : dried hibiscus flowers

Product Type : Immediate

Pack : Retail| Food

Andres Usuga
Product Name : Andres Usuga

Quantity_available : Contenedor de 20 pies o 40 pies

Price : A consultar

Country of origin : Colombia

Product description : Frutas Congelas en trozos y pulpa de frutas en diferentes presentaciones. Podemos empacar con marca propia. Varios sabores exquisitos y exóticos

Product Type : Immediate

Pack :

christopher romaner
Product Name : christopher romaner

Quantity_available : 50

Price : 141.00

Country of origin : United States

Product description : Graviola Power Soursop Leaf Tea Powder 12ct case

Product Type : Immediate

Pack : Retail| Industrial

Product Name : jerome

Quantity_available : CONTAINER


Country of origin : FRANCE

Product description : French food distribution (FFD) The recently created company is part of the group (6000 stores in France). Our vocation as a Central Purchasing is to develop international sales with a clientele from supermarkets to wholesalers overseas. We can deliver to supermarkets anywhere in the world and is currently present in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. With nearly 15,000 product references, such as 5000 products for Coffee Hotel Restaurant and its own brand Belle France, we can meet most of the customer's needs and expectations by providing multi-product shipments containers (up to 2000 references for 40 '). The Central Purchasing may also franchise stores by providing a complete and specific concept to our customer as well as the group's brands: Cocinelle, Coccinelle Supermarket, Coccimarket, Coccimarket City

Product Type : Immediate

Pack : Food | Industrial

Product Name : Indrayanto

Quantity_available : 20 MT

Price : USD.4.75

Country of origin : Indonesia

Product description : Frozen Red Snapper (Lutjanus Spp.) Whole Round, 10% Glazing

Product Type : Immediate

Pack : Industrial