Our Services

Foodforsale is primarily a sales company for the wholesale food trade.

The purpose of this site is to SELL products by connecting food processors with brokers and wholesale
buyers in the USA. We build a broker network for you.
For sellers: show an item, no charge. go to the proper category, click on,list an item.fill out form.Option:show 6 pictures for
$ 20.per month

For Brokers and buyers: go to Broker sign up. Fill out the form of what you are looking for and where you
contact buyers. we will contact you when a line that fits comes to us.
Costs: There are no charges to list an item or to join the broker network.
charges: We charge $ 50. per month for every broker appointed (acceptance is by the packer) plus
a commission of 7 % of sales made by any of our contacts.We pay the local broker out of our charges.
We manage the broker network with your input.
Optional services:

Market Survey: we will conduct a market survey of competitive items in the New York market to see
what the sales potential is for your products.Charge $ 100.00
Faster Exposure: There are hundreds of brokers in the USA.To find the right one for you faster
we can put additional sales personnel on the job to contact brokers on your behalf. cost $ 500. per

Contracts: all appointments are made in writing.no sale is automatic but must be approved in writing
by the buyer and seller.