Certificate – Specialty Coffee

3 paq marcas
Product Name : Certificate – Specialty Coffee

Product Category : Coffee wholesale, jarred, bags, bulk, instant

Product Type : First class Product

Product Detail : Coffee gathered by producers skilled in good agricultural practices from the first step of transformation, wet processing, on the way to becoming a specialty coffee. The cup profile is of absolute cleanliness, balance in acidity, body and smell, with predominant notes of hazelnut, roasted almond, citrus and a distinctive chocolate aferraste. Grown over 1000 m over sea level by the farmers of Cafés Especiales Bamba de Veracruz in the regions of Zongolica, Sierra Alta de Córdoba, Ixhuatlan del Café and Coatepec. The coffee profile distinguishes itself for its high quality, being impurity free, clean and silky acidity with a great body and distinctive notes of roasted almond, vanilla caramel, citrus and a final chocolate aferraste. The coffee is packed according to the specifications of the country and the distributor. Prices and conditions may vary according to the negotiations between producer and distributor.

Price : desde 10 dólares hasta 80 dólares el kilo

Quantity : 20 toneladas al mes

Size : 250 - 500 grs

Pack : Retail

Temperature : Shelf Stable

Country Of Origin : Mexico

Country Now Located : Mexico

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