Glo’s Gumbo

Product Name : Glo’s Gumbo

Product Category : Frozen Foods wholesale, vegetables, ice creams, dinners, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, entrees

Product Type : First class Product

Product Detail : Glo’s Gumbo is a traditional southern food experience that has been passed down for three generations. Loaded with chicken, Andouille Sausage, vegetables and various spices, it proves to be a crowd pleaser for any occasion.

Price : $6.98 per Ib. (Packaged) or $96 for 2/8 pound bags

Quantity : 1 pound packages or 2 units of 8 pound bags

Size : 16oz or 1 gallon

Pack : Food

Temperature : Frozen

Country Of Origin : United States

Country Now Located : United States

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