Peanuts Blister with Sea Salt

Product Name : Peanuts Blister with Sea Salt

Product Category : Candy wholesale, chocolates, licorice, candy bars

Product Type : First class Product

Product Detail : We offer wholesale blister peanuts died in natural sea salts. We take raw peanuts the soak them in water and fried. This process causes the peanut to show little blisters on the exterior and produces a crispy nut. This was actually an early production method used to remove the skins from the peanuts before the frying process. Before they get packaged, we sprinkle them with natural sea salts. The result is the best tasting, and crunchiest peanut ever!Peanuts are a small annual herb growing up to a foot above the ground. It is thought to have originated in the Central Americas and from where it spread to rest of the world through Spanish explorers. Today, they are one of the most widely cultivated oil seeds and has established as prime commercial crop in China, India, African nations, and the United States of America.Peanut plants take approximately 120 to 150 days to produce the crop. To harvest, the entire plant, including roots, is dug out of the soil. Each plant may bear 10-150 fruit pods. The pods have rough, wrinkled outer shells with 2-3 constrictions as in bean pods. Each peanut kernel is covered with thin brown layer and can be split into two equal halves as in any other legumes.

Price : Varies

Quantity : Varies by pounds

Size : Typical case 25lbs

Pack : Retail| Food| Industrial

Temperature : Shelf Stable

Country Of Origin : United States

Country Now Located : United States

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