This site is designed to be a central business to business marketplace
for wholesale seafood producers, importers and distributors.
The object is to make sales and purchases.

Sellers:Your can list your products and current inventory preferably
with a picture for each item at no charge. The company name is not
shown. Buyers will see what is available.

Buyers:You can see what is now in inventory around the world and
get information and pricing. Just as important, you can list what
you are looking for anonymously and get new suppliers.

Terms: All specs, quality, transportation and payment terms must
be agreed to by both parties in writing for each transaction

Active sales: has an extensive email
data base and sends out lists of seller and buyer opportunities.

Directory: We are building a directory of companies in the business.
There is no charge to be listed. If you offer an item to sell or
buy you can be added.

Site charges: There is no charge to list an item to sell or buy.
There will be a negotiated commission to be paid by the seller
when they are paid.